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If my PowerBook G4 isn't working, must i just purchase a new Apple macbook or search for a Powerbook repair company? This really is certainly a great question. Mac PowerBooks are fantastic computer systems which are many occasions worth repairing. So, before making the decision, here are a few stuff you should know of the PowerBook G4.With the development of the PowerBook G4 in 2001, Apple introduced portable Mac computing for an entirely new level. The very first G4 PowerBook was the Titanium 400Mhz having a 15" widescreen. This factor was incredible at that time. Seriously, a laptop created using Titanium! This Titanium Powerbook (TiBook) developed through 1GHz models, eventually making method for the Aluminum PowerBook G4 introduction in 2003.

The PowerBooks are really the workhorses and, with respect to the problem, Titanium Mac PowerBook repair and Aluminum Mac PowerBook repair is frequently worthwhile, instead of changing. Actually, the commonest PowerBook G4 repairs are hard disk upgrades and screen substitutes. If little else, you can at any rate supply the upgraded or fixed PowerBook for another person to make use of even when you need to do decide to purchase a shiny new Mac laptop.PowerBook G4 Hard Disk UpgradesThe reason behind hard disk upgrades is the fact that most PowerBook G4s were shipped with drives varying from 40 gb to 80 gb. You need to keep in mind that in 2003 nobody thought you'd really possess a music/video/photo library that may be bigger than 60 gigs! You can even use pallet storage to upgrade your mac, It will upgrade many parts of the mac, All at a cheaper price.

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Plus, drive prices were high and Apple was investing in the biggest drives available at that time.The good thing is that PowerBook G4 proprietors requiring a hard disk alternative are now able to select from 160 gb, 250 gb or 320 gb for drive upgrades.

And even though size does matter, these drives offer some extremely important technological improvements including faster bandwith rates, cooler operating temps, and more importantly, elevated reliability.So, you are not only getting good space for your stuff, you are obtaining a faster drive that runs cooler and it is more reliable than your old drive. What's to not love?PowerBook G4 Screen ReplacementsAs far as screen substitutes, the PowerBook G4 Aluminum model was the first Apple macbook to provide a glossy screen option.

The glossy screen offered a shiny surface within the LCD screen itself, which introduced lots of debate and trade-offs towards the Mac world. As the glossy screen is excellent at improving colors by growing brightness, depth and richness, the trade-off may be the screen reflection.The brand new, mirror-like excellence of the glossy screens continues to be a disagreement with PowerBook and Mac laptop customers alike. However, by 2009 all current model Mac laptops shipped with not just a glossy screen but additionally a glossy screen having a glossy glass cover. And, they still ship this way today. So, we all know Apple won that argument.